Meet Celledonia™

The cell analysis platform to inform and expedite your bioprocess: turn data into actionable insights.

Intuitive Cellular Insights

Celledonia™ is a benchtop cell analyser that leverages the power of AuraCyt™ to provide near real-time, label-free & intuitive cell-specific information.


Measure intrinsic single-cell properties in minutes, rather than hours up to days.

Label- and Prep-Free

No need for markers or reagents.


Detect single-cell attributes without operator bias.

Our sensing module integrates a proprietary semiconductor chip with narrow-channel fluidics that focus your cells close to the surface of the chip.

Our chips integrate planar electrodes that generate an electric field and sensors which provide a unique fingerprint of your cell.

Celledonia™ Applications

Celledonia’s near-real-time assessment helps reduce development and technology transfer timelines, manufacturing costs, labour and time-to-market for modalities including mAbs, T cell immunotherapies, and iPSCs.

Live T Cell Monitoring

Predict cell health, type, and functions for T cell-based immunotherapy development.

Cell Line Development

Predict high-producing, stable clones for CHO CLD of mAbs.

Cell Differentiation Insights

Inform pluripotent expansion and differentiation strategy for stem cells.

Celledonia™ Capabilities and Specs

Product Capabilities Specifications
Measuring technology Ultra-wide band dielectric spectroscopy
Cell size determination range 5-30 μm cells
Event detection range 5 μm
Calibration Internal calibration test to confirm function
Minimum sample volume 250 μl
Optimal cell concentration 500K – 1M cells / mL
Operating temperature 18-40° C
Storage temperature 0-70° C
Temperature shift rate For optimal performance, instrument should be in a temperature stable room
Sample flow rate 10μl / min (unless otherwise specified)
System dimensions 300 mm W x 410 mm D x 460 mm H
Software Information Specifications
Software name Maestro
Monitoring method Real-time
Software type Windows desktop application
Operating system compatibility Windows 10/11
Data storage Local disk
File types .cyt, .doe, .doa
External system compatibility Exportable to .fcs file format


Celledonia™ is designed for ease-of-use with minimal training to allow users across multiple development labs and manufacturing sites to generate consistent, reliable, and informative cell analytics.

Prepare Instruments & Reagents

Fill bottles with buffer and load the Celledonia™ module into the instrument.

Load Sample

Collect a sample from your cell culture device and place in the holder.

Run Samples

Run your samples to record your data in near-real-time.

Analyse Data

Let our Maestro software do the data analytics for you turning data into insights.