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Simplifying Cell Science

Rapid, explorative, single-cell cytometry

Unique Cellular Insights

Cytomos™ is a leader in label-free cell analysis for biomedical research and in-vitro diagnostics using dielectric spectroscopy. 

We are demonstrating our proprietary and patented cell analysis technology in a new class of label-free, single-cell resolution cytometers. 

Cytomos™ provides hardware instruments through to powerful software to provide you with rapid, relevant and actionable information. 

Label-Free Single-Cell Analysis


Cytomos Dielectric Spectroscopy™ (CDS) eliminates bias towards a particular biological outcome enabling truly explorative studies.


Single-cell resolution ensures that every cell is analysed providing granular information on individual cells and the whole sample population.


Rapid, Explorative Single-Cell Resolution Cytometry

Absolute cell counts & viability

Automated and quantitative sample assessment in every test. 

Phenotypic drug discovery

Find functional end points that conventional assays cannot reach.

Precision medicine

Generate high-content fingerprints to select the right dose for the right patients.

Stem cell therapy

Track cell differentiation for improved production efficacy and end point specificity.

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