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Predictive analytics for intelligent biopharma production

Cytomos® believes in affordable biopharmaceutical therapies serving the world's growing population made possible by intelligent bioprocessing

Intelligent bioprocessing requires novel, integrated and scalable process analytical technologies

Cytomos® Dielectric Spectroscopy (CDS™) is a full-stack, single-cell resolution analysis technology, spanning integrated sensors through to machine learning enhanced algorithms 

CDS™ | The Dark Side of Spectroscopy 

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Different wavelengths of light refract at different angles
Different electric field frequencies behave similarly 
CDS™ applies an electric field across single cells in suspension measuring 16,000+ frequencies per cell
Different interfaces in and around each cell refract different frequencies, generating a unique CDS™ spectrum per cell

A platform for evaluation & collaboration

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Label-free spectroscopy
Predictive analysis potential
Single-cell resolution of
cells flowing in suspension
Microelectronic sensors can be implemented across production

Identifying cells without labels

Example: Identifying lymphocyte sub-populations within a mixture

B+T mix - scatter.png
(a) Scatterplot view after dimensional reduction
B+T mix - spectra.png
(b) CDS™ spectroscopic output

T-cell lymphoblasts (MOLT-4) identified from a 1:1 mixture with B-cell lymphoblasts (MM1.s) via different CDS™ spectra, confirmed with MM1.s only sample. Each dot in Figure (a) represents a cell identified from an individual CDS™ spectrum. Average spectrum for each gate shown in Figure (b). 12,144 cells measured in 15 mins. 

Monitoring manufacturing drift

Example: Identifying subtle differences between T-cell lines

Jurkat+Molt4 mix - scatter.png
(a) Scatterplot view after dimensional reduction
Jurkat+Molt4 mix - spectra.png
(b) CDS™ spectroscopic output

T-cell lymphoblasts (MOLT-4 vs Jurkat) differentiated through their intrinsic CDS™ spectra. Each dot in Figure (a) represents a cell identified from an individual CDS™ spectrum. Average spectrum for each identified population shown in Figure (b). 4,103 cells measured in 15 mins. 

Latest News

Edinburgh, UK

28 June 2022

£1.6m additional funding secured

This £1.6m funding – led by Archangels, alongside Scottish Enterprise and Old College Capital – will enable the development and qualification of Cytomos Dielectric Spectroscopy (CDS) to move forward at pace and address the biopharma industry’s
unmet needs.


Enabling non-specialists to perform quantitative and qualitative cytometry without typical cell labelling reagents will help unlock multiple markets with very high growth potential. Analysts estimate the value of the global market for single-cell analysis is expected to reach $6.3 billion by 2026.

“On behalf of our Board and employees I would like to thank our investors for their continued support of Cytomos. We now have the growth capital required to advance the development of our novel process analytical technology platform to the next phase of prototype evaluation with our strategic partners. This is an important milestone in the journey to deliver our mission to enable the development and manufacture of life-saving biologic therapies.”

Dr Alan Raymond, 

Executive Chairman, Cytomos

Alan Raymond, Sarah Hardy, Stewart White, Mark Collingbourne, Nicola Broughton and Gino Me

Creativity | Collaboration | Delivery

Cytomos® has a strong multi-disciplinary team of biological scientists and engineers dedicated to providing our partners with relevant and actionable information from their bioprocesses

Cytomos Announcements

Edinburgh, UK

8 July 2022

Gordon Sharp

Interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

Gordon Sharp has joined the Executive team to lead our excellent Engineering team and continue working closely with the Scientific team. Gordon’s arrival strengthens our market position by bringing 30+ years’ experience in the microelectronic and instrumentation industries to Cytomos. He will lead the complex instrument design programme and strengthen our IP portfolio in collaborations with industrial and academic partners.  

Lindsay Photo_edited.jpg

Edinburgh, UK

1 August 2022

Dr. Lindsay Fraser

Chief Scientific Officer

Lindsay joins the Executive team to lead our excellent Biology team and direct our scientific programme. The former Head of Technical Services at Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Service has extensive knowledge in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy. Lindsay will build a portfolio of strategic partnerships with biologics industry thought leaders to win trial and adoption of our innovative process analytical technology platform. 

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