A pioneering multi-disciplinary team

Cytomos is the trailblazing, investor-backed innovator behind AuraCyt™ technology. We’re a forward-thinking biotechnology company, leveraging strong foundations for rapid technology development.

David Rigterink

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lindsay Fraser

Chief Science and Operations Officer

Dr. Alan Raymond


Dr. Thomas Clayton

Head of Product Management

Dr. Sevi Giakoumelou

Head of Bioscience

Dr. Gavin Matthews

Head of Quality & Regulatory Management

Dr. Fernanda Masri

Chief Commercial and Innovation Officer

Dr. David Wright

Senior Signal Processing Engineer

Nathan Hsu

Mechanical Engineer

Aadil Abbas

Silicon Design Engineer

Juan-Carlos Montero-Molina

Firmware Developer

Beck Hunter

Quality Assurance Engineer

Dr. Mitra Abolighasemabadi

Software Engineer

Dr. Joseph Cousins

Senior Manufacturing Manager

Kieran McDonald

Principal Cell Culture Biologist

Victoria Kennedy

Cell Culture Analyst

Daniella Spencer

Cell Culture Technician

Alana Sim

Cell Culture Analyst

James Mason

Field Application Specialist

Caroline Peddle

Research & Application Specialist

Abby Miller

Executive Assistant / HR Service Partner

Dr. Stewart White

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Nicola Broughton

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Sharon Brownlow

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Gino Miele

Non-Executive Investor Director

Mark Collingbourne

Chief Financial Officer

Cytomos is based at Easter Bush Campus at the University of Edinburgh

A vibrant and collaborative company

Cytomos is a purpose and impact driven organisation that is successfully repurposing microelectronics to enable the cost-effective use of biotechnologies and allow economies of scale. AuraCyt™ was developed by an in-house team, and we are continuing to work on a number of proof-of-concept studies in partnership with exciting large biotechs and pharma companies who see the value in this novel technology.

With huge potential for applications across a range of markets, we are continuing to engage with well-known force multipliers in the bioprocessing and cell and gene therapy space, including bioprocessing solution market leaders and cutting-edge TechBio partners set to dominate the Advanced Therapy and Medical Products (ATMP) space, who see the ease of use and positive impact that AuraCyt™ is having on their work.

Our mission is to become the undisputed PAT partner for real-time-single-cell analytics. AuraCyt™ will accelerate biological drug discovery and development, and it will streamline manufacturing, with real-time monitoring and better prospects for automation.

See the future of cell analysis and see beyond

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