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AuraCyt™ from Cytomos addresses analytical challenges of cell and gene therapy developers, with fast and sensitive label-free detection of single-cell attributes. It enables scientists to predict high-producing cell lines sooner, and identify lead clones faster. This enables earlier decisions and hastens new product development timelines.

The platform also has the potential to be incorporated in-line, allowing real-time monitoring of cell manufacturing events and predicting manufacturing success. AuraCyt™ is set to revolutionise biotech manufacturing, as it can save and optimise batches, addressing pressing industry needs for smarter, less labour-intensive, and more automated processes capable of driving down biomanufacturing costs, as well as realising scale-out in the manufacture of personalised, regenerative medicines.
  • Streamline cell line development
  • Identify lead clones faster
  • Predict high-producing cell lines sooner
  • Detect changes in cell phenotypes earlier
  • Address critical demand for real-time PAT
  • Unlock the potential for continuous development and manufacturing


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Cytomos’ AuraCyt™ platform technology offers enormous potential to both ATMPs as well as Biologics from a bioprocess development, productivity, stability and speed-to-patient perspective.

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