Cytomos selected to showcase AuraCyt™ cell analysis technology at BIA’s BioProcessUK Dragon’s Den session

Cytomos is pleased to announce that it has been selected to showcase its dielectric spectroscopy (AuraCyt™) platform at the BIA’s BioProcessUK Dragon’s Den special session focused on next generation analytical technologies, taking place on day two of this year’s annual conference: 30 November.

Cytomos’ CSO, Dr. Lindsay Fraser, will highlight the benefits and full potential of Cytomos’ transformative AuraCyt™ technology and take questions from inquisitive delegates. Chaired by Julie Kerby, Managing Director of Technology and Process Innovation, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, the event will feature technologies from eight pre-selected companies.

AuraCyt™ is securing increased industry recognition as a technological innovation that provides information on cell properties that no other process analytical technology (PAT) can. The capability to collect a multitude of data that measures the intrinsic properties of individual cells in real-time, and to obtain a unique profile for subsequent downstream analysis and characterisation, is set to radically change the way that processes are monitored, whilst transforming velocity in biopharmaceutical R&D and fundamentally changing bioprocess PAT adaptation.

The winning technology will be announced at the event post the presentations.

Commenting on her upcoming presentation, Dr Lindsay Fraser stated: “I am really pleased that our technology has been pre-selected – with my innate passion for life science development, I am looking forward to the opportunity to highlight the key features and range of novel benefits that our advanced technology brings to researchers, scientists and industrialists in both the biologics and cell and gene therapy sectors.”
Dr Fraser will explain how the fast and scalable AuraCyt™ platform closely monitors a broad range of individual cell features simultaneously, to provide label-free, unbiased, consistent, accurate and reliable predictive analytics for biomanufacturing and other applications. A deep dive into industry benefits will include featuring how the novel technology can save and optimise batches, addressing pressing industry needs for smarter, less labour-intensive, and more automated processes capable of driving down biomanufacturing costs as well as realising scale-out in the manufacture of personalised, regenerative medicines.

“I will show how harnessing the power of dielectric spectroscopy and our proprietary silicon chip sensors enables the R&D community to generate unique fingerprints to characterise cells without the requirement for labels. Our platform improves the pace and accuracy of single cell analysis. It has the potential to be incorporated in-line, allowing real-time monitoring of cell manufacturing events and predicting manufacturing success. Moreover, we are keen to reemphasise that the technology is compatible – an asset that is usable both on its own or alongside flow cytometry technologies”, she continued.

Cytomos CEO, David Rigterink added, “BioprocessUK – with its audience of investors and potential collaborators and partners – provides an ideal conference platform for bringing our AuraCyt™ technology even more into industry focus. The technology has huge scope to serve as a transformative enabler for R&D: providing industry with a tool for making critical decisions much earlier and bringing novel therapies to market significantly faster. Our ultimate strategy is to construct digital twins and high throughput process automation – with AuraCyt™ making viable the delivery of more therapies to patients: thereby improving healthcare”.

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23 October 2023