Cytomos awarded £500k from Innovate UK

Following the successful £1.6m investment round in autumn, we feel privileged to announce that Innovate UK has awarded Cytomos with £500k from the latest SMART grant funding round as part of the UK Government investment strategy in developing technologies to transform health and social care.

Process analytical technology (PAT) is a critical enabler to designing, analysing and controlling biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes through the measurement of critical process parameters that affect critical quality attributes. Building in quality to manufacturing procedures via robust in-process analytics is critical to ensure product consistency radical cost reduction to enable faster and thus more affordable therapies to more patients.

Currently, the most widely used in-process measurements return limited information, providing a significant challenge for the cell technology sector. New PAT solutions tailored to cell manufacturing are essential to overcome the challenge of variable process pipelines.

Cytomos recognises this unmet need and is developing an instrument to investigate continuous culture monitoring via the unique electrical fingerprints of single cells using label-free, scalable sensor technology. The Cytomos Dielectric Spectroscopy (CDS™) data collected by the sensor are derived from the whole cell, without the use of labels and are used to identify gross differences between cells irrespective of cell size. CDS™ has the potential to be incorporated in-line, allowing for true real-time monitoring of cell manufacture, providing information on manufacturing drifts from expected cell signatures. This will drastically improve efficiency, lower manufacturing costs and pave the way to a future where access to personalised medicine is not limited by socioeconomic barriers.

Our mission is to enable everyone to enjoy their highest attainable standard of health by accelerating the development of life altering therapies and the Innovate UK funding will further accelerate the development of CDS™ in the next two years.

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20 December 2022